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Grow Proteas with Protea Seeds from South Africa

Everything you need to grow proteas: supplies and tips from the home of fynbos and protea.

Protea Shop

New Protea and Fynbos Starter Packs - everything you need to grow these unique plants

FREE Protea growing instructions included with every purchase of Protea Seeds from our seed shop We deliver world-wide and accept all currencies and means of payment.

Have fresh flowers delivered by NetFloristIf you want to deliver fresh flowers anywhere in South Africa, do it via NetFlorist here. It costs you the same and the affiliate fee allows us to fund the conservation of our fynbos.

For Sale: Fijnbosch Farme Mountain Retreat

A mountain of pristine fynbos, 1000ha, available for sale. Find out more.

New - Protea Greeting Cards

These greeting cards are suitable for a variety of occasions and are a great way to share your passion for proteas with others.

Teach Yourself to Sing Nkosi Sikelel' Iafrika

This CD will teach you to sing the hauntingly beautiful Nkosi Sikelel' Iafrika anthem better than the Springbok Rugby players. This CD is only available through FineBushPeople by special permission of the publishers - review or buy Teach Yourself to Sing Nkosi Sikelel' Iafrika online.

FineBushPeople recognized as Proudly South African

We have gotten our "Proudly South African" accreditation that allows us to display the logo shown here on our products and to confirm to you that as a company we:

We now also accept the following credit cards internationally: Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express

Fynbos: know it and grow itFynbos Index

All about the plants that make up the sixth (and richest) floral kingdom of the world.

Philosophy BooksOur Philosophy

This sounds awefully pretentious. Don't worry, we cannot tell you our philosophy - you need to find it for yourself. All we do here is share some travelling stories and point you to some books and CDs that have served as milestones or gateways.

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As per government regulations, here is our PAIA Manual. The intention of the manual is to instruct you how to find out information about our business. In practice it contains nothing that isn't already on this website or in the government gazette. To us it looks like lawyers lining their pockets...

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